Who We Are

The Talent Enterprise is a premier 'think' and 'do' tank dedicated to the elevation of human capital.

We collaborate with our clients on their most compelling employability, talent, engagement, performance, leadership and retention challenges. Our team partners closely with policy makers, employers and educational institutions seeking to get the best out of their people and institutions.

We are dedicated to creating solutions which are un-cluttered, evidence-based and locally relevant. We aim to transform individuals, organisations and nations to be more positive and productive.

Our dual focus on being research-led and action orientated enables us to bridge academic rigour with real-world practice. We bring analytics to play in providing straight-forward and meaningful advice that works best for our clients.

As an inter-disciplinary, multi-lingual team of professionals, our team has diverse backgrounds and expertise in HR, leadership, psychology, psychometrics, behavioural economics, education, research and analytics.

We have worked extensively across the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe and North America and bring an unmatched understanding of your unique talent landscape. We are committed to contextualising solutions to the local socio-cultural environment.