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Anna Roberts at the GameChangers Book Launch

Thought Leadership

Moritz Hartmann

General Manager
Roche Diagnostics, Middle East

Jeanne-Marie Bowman

Group Head of Talent,

Bassam Barakat

Head of Talent Development,
Standard Chartered, Middle East

Abdul Rahman Saqr

Senior Vice President, Human Resources,
First Gulf Bank

David Jones

Founder & Managing Director,
The Talent Enterprise

Radhika Punshi

Director of Innovations & Solutions,
The Talent Enterprise

Sean Doyle

Positive Psychologist, Lawyer & Senior Advisor,
The Talent Enterprise

Simran Bhatnagar

Manager Consulting,
The Talent Enterprise

John Deykin

General Manager, Books Division,
Motivate Publishing

Clifford Single

Senior Consultant and Associate,
The Talent Enterprise