Research and evidence-based practice lies at the heart of The Talent Enterprise. We are a ‘think’ and a ‘do’ tank, basing our work and recommendations on robust, recent and locally relevant research.

You probably collect a great amount of data about your people across all facets of their interaction with your organisation. The question is, are you really getting the in-depth insights which our people analytics can derive for you?

For instance, do you know the performance-predictive characteristics of your high performers / hi – potential talent (your positive outliers) and do you use this information to drive more effective, efficient and sustainable approaches to talent selection and development? At what points in your employee life-cycle is attrition risk at its highest for your people and for which constituencies? What is your succession planning risk within the organisation? What differentiates those who are highly engaged in your organisation from everyone else? What is the macro talent landscape in your country or region that would directly impact your talent acquisition and retention over the next few years? Our data-driven, evidence-based and predictive people analytics tools can provide these answers, customised to your priorities and information availability. We design and conduct custom, bespoke research based on the unique requirements of our clients, at all levels, macro and micro. Our team deploys a wide range of analytics, including predictive analytics and we have our own dedicated survey platforms to support quantitative and qualitative research.

The outcome is simple – to provide you with the most robust and effective recommendations, based on a firm foundation of data with regards to your organisational and human capital priorities.